We believe in giving people a choice of which health-care services they prefer and therefore offer them the option to choose between our Standard Pharmacy Services and our Targeted Bible-based Services. Below is a comparison of the two:

Standard Pharmacy Services: includes medication therapy management (MTM), clinical recommendations on drug-related topics, and tips on maintaining proper digestive health.

Targeted Bible-based Services: includes our unique resources on healing, which consists of an online course on healing (I Care For Healing Training Program) and supplemental books. The I Care For Healing Training Program was recently developed for health professionals who desire to be equipped on how to incorporate their faith in God into their professional fields to assist in the healing of their patients. This program teaches people how to use Bible scriptures to treat their specific illnesses.

Our Targeted Bible-based Services also include periodic seminars and workshops in a relaxed environment, where we teach how to apply God's Word to bring about healing in the body. These community events are interactive and fun.